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Notes From Kristina,

A Bit of 'Just Because' & 'Oh, The Times I've Cheated Death!'


I sent out notes to many friends as of late. I sent out some ‘Just Because’ and I was very sick earlier this year.

I’ve had a number of ‘close calls’ through out my life.
Yep, getting hit by a car while riding my bike on the sidewalk, my 4 spine surgeries, my extreme allergies….
I could spell out the entire laundry list of all the times but never mind!
And a few of you reading this have the same type of list of your own.
Now, all of those times, I never saw one comng!? (Did you?)
What has brought on all of this? Well, I was sick with Covid all of February into March. I thought that “what if I were to become one of the really un-well in the hospital? It’s too late to let those who I love and appreciate know it if I wait and become hospitalized.
Plus, I am sick of being stuck at home.”
No, I am not sick but do not want to be one of those who think it cannot happen to them.
It was time to figure out how to reach out to all who’ve ment somthing to me.
I’ve read that you cannot be grateful and down at the same time. I’m choosing to look for the joy in life.
So, I saw many of my friends reaching out via meme messages with kind words on them or posting an update asking, ‘how are you doing?’.
That is so nice. Yet, I wanted to do something like it, but a bit more personal.
And give a way to let the shy among us to respond/interact that isn’t so public.
So that is why I’ve sent a personal note and possibly a few questions about you.
Hopefully, it’s a conversation starter.

Or maybe you’ll pass it on in your unique way.

From YoU

I’ve Gotten a Few Questions



Some I’ve not been in touch with in years and some are friends, family, mentors & others from what I’ve been reading and enjoying.


I’m sending notes because not everyone is reachable easily. To send a kind recollection of them. Can anyone really not use some of that now?



In my note, I’ve posed some questions that I’m genuinely interested in how you’re doing. Feel free to answer or not.